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Unlike most distributors, ITC Creative Branding has a full-fledged showroom that is second-to-none. With thousands of products that change on a regular basis, our ever-altering showroom provides our customers with a hands-on experience prior to any purchase. By scouring tradeshows and catalogs ourselves for the top-of-the-line products, we can help decide what is right for your next event or campaign.

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There are over 19,000 promotional marketing companies in the country. Most of them will simply drop off a catalog at your office for you to thumb through on your own time. That’s the corner-cutting way to do business in this industry. We aren’t like the other distributors. We have never taken the easy way out.





Do you have a series of products that you purchase from us that you need to reorder on a regular basis? Let us set up a Company Store for you here!


Company Stores are a simple way for you to reorder your product with just a few clicks! We do all of the work: set up your store, create a secure page with your products that only your company can access and you’re done!


Your company store orders are directly routed to our sales headquarters, where your order is promptly placed!

Product Search


Search through top of the line promo products for your brand.



  • I'm interested in having some promotional products made for my business. Where do I start?
    If you’re reading this, you’re already a step ahead of the game, because you have come to the right place! Collaboration versus shopping online is the key to a successful event, and the best way to embark on a partnership is getting to know each other better. Building trust with our clientele is crucial to making sure we fully understand exactly what it is you are looking for. To better serve you, ITC4Promos likes to take into effect the following when beginning your order: Marketing Objective • Type of Event • Target Demographics • Theme • Timeline Once we have a better understanding of these factors, we can begin making your ideas come to fruition.
  • What will ITC creative branding do for me?
    What won’t we do? ITC Creative Branding is a full-service printing and promotional company, meaning we can provide you with marketing ideas, design services and promotional products. Whether you’re looking for support for a single event or hoping to build a comprehensive campaign, we have your back. Our talented and passionate team will work tirelessly to exceed your expectations, providing you with the peace of mind you need to focus on other aspects of your job. With almost 125 years of experience in the promotional printing industry, we’ve handled the smallest of projects to annual marketing strategies for Fortune 100 companies. Let us do your work for you.
  • Ok, I place an order. Then what?"
    We’re going to need some properly prepared artwork from you. This is quite possibly the most essential step to producing high-quality promotional merchandise. See below for specifications for artwork submissions. If you are in the market for design ideas, the fine folks that are a part of our in-house creative department can help you come up with the perfect look. After that, leave it up to us. ITC4Promos will go the extra mile every step of the way to make sure the product you want is exactly what you get.
  • I’ve got an idea for a promotional product for my company, but I don’t know if it’s doable…do you think you can make it happen?"
    Try us. We’ve been doing this for so long that we’ve seen just about everything under the sun. We work with the best suppliers in the world who come up with new and exciting products on a daily basis. With their help, we always make sure to educate our customers on the freshest ideas out there, and you would be no exception.
  • What kind of artwork should we send?
    Ah, now it’s time to get a little technical. Bear with us… High-resolution files from Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop (.ai, .eps, .psd, tiff, .pdf) are necessary in order to ensure your imagery is printed to the highest standards. Sending your artwork as clean, color separated and camera-ready as possible will definitely help us make sure your company’s logo or mark is accurately portrayed. If you are unsure about your artwork, one of ITC4Promos’ account representatives will be happy to assist you. Art charges for non-vector artwork may be assessed for a charge. Contact us for more information.
  • What are some examples of artwork that are NOT camera ready?
    When working with artwork for your promotional products, the files that we cannot use are GIFs, PowerPoint (.pps), JPEGs, Word Documents (.doc or .wpd), photographs, photocopies, faxed art, letterhead or business cards. Sorry!
  • Why won’t these files work?
    BECAUSE WE SAID SO! Just kidding…it’s simply because these files are not examples of vector artwork.
  • What is vector artwork?
    We figured you’d ask that! Vector artwork is created using software such as Adobe Illustrator. Basically, vector artwork can be scaled to any size without affecting the quality of the image, therefore, safeguarding your promotional product from being imprinted with a low-quality, blurry image. Don’t try and trick the system, though. You CANNOT take a JPEG or GIF and import them into Adobe Illustrator and save them as an .ai or .eps file. The original file has to be created in Adobe Illustrator.
  • Can you use scanned artwork?
    Trust us, we really wish we could. But scans cannot be manipulated properly. Sure, any image can be scaled, but doing so will affect the quality of the artwork, which will affect your product. That’s the last thing we want to happen. And believe us…it’s the last thing you want, too.
  • How long does it take to produce an order?
    This will vary depending on the order. Our average lead time on our “in-stock” items are between 2-3 weeks, but that could change depending on product and quantity. We do have a 24-hour ship service available on selected items for your last-minute needs. Rush orders are available for numerous products, including overseas orders! What you should know is that we only use verified suppliers, ensuring our customers will get the best promotional products available. The cornerstones of our business are built around excellent customer service and reliable delivery. We will always keep you well informed on your order’s progress.
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